Operation And Maintenance (KOGAS)


KOGAS has adopted safety management system from ExxonMobil in 1997. Since then, thanks to the continuous efforts with many trials and errors, KOGAS has developed its own safety management system with certification as below. The result of that No fatal accident occurred over operating 4 LNG regasifying-terminals for 30 years”


KOGAS, as a public company, is playing a core role in the national energy industry of Korea, importing, storing, transmitting LNG for customers. To accomplish stable energy foundation in Korea, we continuously expand the LNG facilities at the optimal time and costs. By doing that, we achieved “No discontinuance of LNG supply during 30 years”

Our Services

1. Business Areas
Development of LNG receiving/regasification terminal
Investment in LNG terminal

2. Investment Concept
Long term, fee-for-service contract(toll fee)
BOO(Build-Own-Operation), BOT(Build-Own-Transfer)
Responsible for EPC and O&M
Project financing
Collaboration with LNG procurement

3. Reference (Manzanillo LNG Terminal)
Client : CFE(Comision Federal de Electricidad)
Storage tank 150,000 ㎘ × 2EA, Jetty