Security Services

Our Services Include:
  •   CCTV Systems
  •   Digital Networks Video System
  •   Access Control & Alarm System
  •   Security Communication System
  •   Perimeter Intrusion Detection
  •   Fiber Communication
  •   Commercial Gates
  •   Road Blockers & Security Doors
  •   Identification – Recognition System
  •   Screening Systems
  •   Existing System Analysis
  •   Audio & Visual Warning System
  •   Marine Equipment & Systems
  •   Coast Guard Patrol Boats
  •   Logistic Boats
  •   Radio Communication System

Just how vulnerable is your organization to pilferage & theft, vandalism terrorist attack, and infrastructural failure? In today’s world, the cost of being unprepared can define success & failure. Whether you are a governmental or industrial client, Fajeri can provide on-the- ground expert insights into local threats and perform comprehensive vulnerability assessments. With this knowledge in hand Fajeri can deliver tailored services and technological solutions to best protect your valuable assets, Fajeri risk analysis is unbiased, independent , and unencumbered by any conflict of interest. Unlike other security firms, Fajeri does not just sell security services. Fajeri sells insight, objectivity and after sales services which sets us apart from our competitors.

At Fajeri your requirements are always kept in mind when we implement a project for you. As we are specialized in the design of any sized project, using only world-class equipment, not only do we believe in the maxim “there is always a better solution”. Therefore care is taken for the compatibility for all components and systems to achieve total integration of the system solution.

  •   Cameras CCTV Matrix
  •   Digital Video Recorders (DRV)
  •   Video Motion Detection Systems
  •   Video Smoke Detection Systems
  •   PTZ Cameras
  •   Thermal Imaging Cameras
  •   Speed Dome Cameras (In/Outdoor)
  •   Bulletproof Cameras
  •   Explosive proof Cameras
  •   IP Cameras
  •   Color Cameras
  •   Auto Day & Night Cameras
  •   Lenses
  •   Housing
  •   IR Lamps
  •   Wall Displays
  •   Consoles
  •   Time and Attendance
  •   Door Controllers
  •   Finger print readers
  •   Card Readers
  •   Door contracts
  •   Electromagnetic locks
  •   Push Buttons
  • Alarm System
  •   Motion detectors
  •   Alarm panel
  •   Audible alarm
  •   Remote notification alarm
  • Instruction Detection Systems
  •   Active Infrared Beam
  •   Sensor Cable
  •   Electrical
  • Road Barricade Systems
  •   Speed Gates
  •   Spike barriers
  •   Road Blockers
  •   Traffic Columns
  •   Sliding Gates
  •   Gate barriers
  •   Water Barriers
  •   Parking Systems
  •   Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems
  • Pedestrian Barricade Systems
  •   Full Height Turnstile
  •   Regulate and control Gates
  • Bulletproof Cabins
  •   Cabins made from fiberglass and special glasses are completely bulletproof, highly durable and weather enduring with different sizes.
  •   Security Intercom Systems
  •   Conference Systems
  •   Auditorium Systems
  •   Public Address Systems
  •   Radio Communication Systems /Receivers Eqpt.
  •   Visual Transmitters/Receivers Systems
  •   Mobile Jamming Systems
  •   Iris Scan System
  •   Finger Print Reader
  •   Speed Radar System
  •   Traffic Camera System
  •   License Plate Recognition System

Viisage face FINDER Patented real-time video technology scans crowds of people and matches individuals to selected faces previously stored in am image database .

Face Pass
Viisage Face PASS Supports one-to-one verification of an individual’s identity to authenticate that the holder of an ID document is the authorized user.

Viisage Face PROOF Evaluates aggregated information on ID’s and the most commonly used breeder documents as well as a variety of additional data points .

Face Tools
Viisage Face Tools is a Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) for non-distributed environments designed to enable developers to build application using leading, state –of-art face recognition software for their identity solutions.


  •   Hand-held metal detector
  •   Walk Through metal detector
  •   Body Screening Systems
  •   Luggage and Baggage screening systems
  •   Containers and cargo screening systems
  •   Luggage Explosive Detection Systems
  •   Hand-Held and desktop Narcotic, Explosive Detection Equipment.
  •   Drug testing kit
  •   Audio and visual warning Systems for Police, Military, Ambulance & Fire Trucks.
  •   Bulletproof vests
  •   Bulletproof Blankets
  •   Gas Masks
  •   First Aid Kits
  •   Readymade Meals
  •   Mobile Kitchens
  •   Fire trucks
  •   Bulletproof Vehicles

Fajeri has its presence in the myriad areas of security and communication. Our organization is pursuing Excellence by providing the best service with state of the art equipment.

Fajeri provides theoretical and practical training for operation, administration and maintenance of all installed equipment and systems. Fajeri has trainers who are bilingual ( Arabic /English).
Fajeri is proud of the products and systems installation and their performance thereafter. However, as a follow up action , Fajeri ensures availability of engineers and technicians to carry out preventive maintenance on all installed equipment systems periodically. Fajeri provides a maintenance facility on varied basis depending upon client requirement: “ ON CALL” “FIXED PERIOD”, “FIXED TIME INTERVAL” and even “24 Hours services” Fajeri is also able to provide operator services for installed systems.

Before you commit your time and resources to a business plan, you need strong strategic intelligence.Commercial agencies need to understand which technologies and solutions are available, the fair market value and which companies constitute the lead candidates. With Fajeri on your side, you can choose your future course with confidence. No other organization locally maintains a similar volume r quality of resources and technical information on Marine Systems.

  Consultants (Marine)
 Supply of Marine Equipment
 Training and training simulators

  •   Coast Guard Patrol Boats
  •   Logistic Boats
  •   Commercial Ship
  •   Fishing Boats
  •   Marine Accessories
  •   Marine Services
  •   Maintenance & Repair
  •   Spare Parts

Our Clients

  Ministry Of Information
  Kuwait National Guard
  Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC)
  Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC)
  Kuwait oil Tanker Company (KOTC)